Menu – Thurs / Fri / Sat only

Main Meals from £4.25

Chicken tikka masala served with pilau rice and naan bread £4.75

Sweet and sour chicken balls served with rice £4.50

Beef chilli topped wedges topped with sour cream and cheese £4.50

Chargrilled beef burger, Southern fried chicken burger or Vegetable burger topped with rocket and served with fries and house salad £4.25

Toppings £0.50 each

Cheese / Bacon / Onion rings

Basket Meals £4.00 each

Scampi and chips served with lemon mayo

Jumbo sausage and chips served with homemade ketchup

Southern fried chicken with sweet potato chips

Specials – Friday’s only

Fish, hand battered served with chips and peas £5.50

Jumbo battered sausage with chips £4.50

Sides and Light Bites

Chips £2.00

Cheesy chips £2.50

Sweet potato chips £2.50

Cheesy garlic bread (4) £2.50

Breaded mushrooms with garlic dip £3.00

House salad £2.00

Jacket potato with one topping and salad £3.75

add extra toppings for £0.75 each

Cheese / Beans / Beef chilli / Chicken tikka

Bar Snacks

Nachos topped with cheddar cheese, salsa and sour cream £3.00

add Beef chilli for £1.50

Loaded Fries £3.50 each

Fries topped with cheese and bacon

Fries topped with chilli and salsa

Sweet potato fries topped with BBQ pulled pork

Chips with curry sauce

Hot Dog’s

Large Hot dog £2.50

Chilli beef dog £3.50

Pulled pork dog £3.50

Cheesy dog £3.00

Bacon and cheese dog £3.50

Fresh hand battered onion rings ( large ) £1.50

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